Voters Keep Asking: Where’s the BEEF?
(Why Voters Should Continue To Ignore Empty Rhetoric)
April 26, 2021
You’ve probably noticed by now that the faux issue of the season is “taxes,” an apparent reference to property taxes. Predictably, the claim is that these taxes are “too high.” And, of course, the negative candidates are the only ones who can “fix” this “problem.” What is noticeably absent is any TRUTHFUL discussion of facts that would support the conclusion that any “problem” exists.

Let’s Talk TRUTH About Municipal Debt
April 21, 2021
When negative candidates make claims about deficit spending, they are misinforming voters about the facts. But they are providing valuable information – about themselves. These negative candidates either don’t understand municipal financing, or they do and are intentionally misleading voters about it. Either is unacceptable, and that is important information for Addison voters.

A Sign of the Times
Let’s Talk TRUTH About Signage on Beltline Road
April 20, 2021
The negative candidates are apparently pointing to Addison’s plans for electronic signage on Beltline Road in support of their criticism of Addison’s budget. What they aren’t telling voters is that this signage was part of the bond package that was approved by voters in 2012. I know, because I served as the Secretary of the 2011-2012 Bond Advisory Committee, and was also the Chair of the Airport Subcommittee.

Let’s Talk TRUTH About
Addison Taxes and Tax Rates
April 17, 2021
The 2021 election season once again features negative candidates misrepresenting the issue of Addison’s property taxes. This misinformation includes the claim that Addison has the second highest tax rate in Dallas County, which is patently false.

Let’s Talk TRUTH About Addison’s BALANCED Budget
April 7, 2021
Addison’s budget is once again being attacked by two negative candidates. Their websites contain alarmist fearmongering that has no basis in TRUTH. Let’s talk about it.

Stay Positive, Addison
Seek TRUTH Regarding Negative Campaign Claims
April 3, 2021
The negatives are once again using the election season to spread misinformation. Negativity is what these folks are about, and their efforts to drag the community downwards and backwards with misinformation know no bounds.

We Must Anchor to TRUTH
January 12, 2021
I want to return briefly to the ex-mayor’s recent missive, and now focus on how it allows us to judge credibility and thereby anchor to TRUTH. In two short sentences, the ex-mayor made four different, easily refutable misrepresentations . . . So, why would the ex-mayor make such demonstrably false statements?

Here Come the Negatives… Again
Here Come the Efforts to Divide Us… Again
Time to Stay the Course, Addison
January 7, 2021
Some of you may have received a long, rambling letter from Addison’s toxic ex-mayor. The letter generally follows the formula of the negatives and naysayers, about which we have written a great deal. The negatives create a faux issue, mischaracterize it, often by fabricating “facts,” claim the sky is falling, attack anyone who isn’t them, and then claim that only they can resolve the faux issue.

Good Government LISTENS
That’s The Addison Way
August 28, 2019
No matter how hard the negatives try to convince people otherwise, Addison residents recognize this TRUTH: They have elected seven councilmembers who LISTEN . . . . Addison Grove taught us lots about a government that refused to listen to its citizens.


KABOOMTOWN! A Positively Amazing July Fourth Celebration
July 12, 2019
Addison celebrates like no other town, particularly when the celebration involves declaring independence from a tyrant. Too often we…..

The Bond Committee and
Addison’s Positive Future
June 22, 2019
The Committee was strong in recognizing the need for Addison to invest in its infrastructure, a view echoed and supported by the results of the recent citizens survey.
If the Council adopts the Bond Committee’s recommendations, Addison will hold a bond election later this year, most likely in November 2019.

Setting The Record Straight About
Appropriate Political Expenditures
June 13, 2019
Shortly before the May 2019 election, the Texas Ethics Commission (“TEC”) dismissed out-of-hand the misguided and incorrect claims made by the negatives and naysayers regarding Mayor Joe Chow’s political expenditures. Confirming what I had written about Mayor Chow’s appropriate expenditures, the TEC found the allegations made by the negatives’ designated complainant wholly without merit.

Six Men Charged for Role in Five-Year High-Yield Investment Fraud Scheme
May 8, 2019
Six men were charged in an indictment unsealed today for their alleged participation in a five-year high-yield investment fraud scheme.


The TRUTH Will
Set You Free, Addison!
April 27, 2019
There is nothing about the TRUTH that is malicious or disgusting. TRUTH is not slander. TRUTH is not despicable. TRUTH has returned the Addison Way to our community, and TRUTH is what will keep Addison moving forward in a positive direction.

And The First Amendment
April 25, 2019
Threats aimed at chilling public discourse – whether direct or veiled – are dangerous and subversive, and have no place in our democracy. Rest assured that we will not be

Let’s Talk TRUTH
About Certificates of Obligation
And Candidates for Council
April 22, 2019
Had this candidate wanted to know the TRUTH, he could easily have educated himself by referencing these materials and studying the town’s finances. His mailer tells all of us that he did not do so, choosing instead to misinform voters with his silly mailer.

 CJ Comu Flyer Regarding Debt
April 22, 2019
The truth is that we have a great Town, that is fiscally responsible, with the highest credit ratings and we are not the one as CJ puts it that is “SLIDING DOWN THE DRAIN”.

 Shame on Them Again!
Let’s Focus on The Addison Way Instead of Inaccurate and False Accusations
April 19, 2019
The progress Addison has made in the past two years apparently doesn’t sit well with the negatives and naysayers. Without any issues or a positive campaign message, they’ve returned to familiar ground, brazenly misrepresenting issues in an effort to smear Mayor Joe Chow.

Shame on Them!
More Dirty Tricks From
The Negatives and Naysayers
April 17, 2019
Today (on the eve of early voting) the negative’s designated blogger claimed that “it has come to their attention” that an ethics complaint was filed against one of the candidates. Here’s what the Texas Ethics Commission has said about statements like that:
“The use of the statements ‘a sworn complaint has been filed against Candidate A’ or ‘the Texas Ethics Commission is investigating a complaint against Candidate A’ are improper attempts to mislead the public.

Signs of the Times: Political Advertising Rules
Aren’t That Difficult To Follow
April 11, 2019
Political signs are subject to some very specific regulations set forth in the Texas Election Code. One section recognizes that these political signs can be misleading to voters. So, for example, the Election Code prohibits use of the word “reelect” by persons who don’t hold the office they are seeking, because use of the term suggests that such persons do hold office, when that isn’t true.

Stay Positive Addison, Even As
The Negatives and Naysayers Continue
Their DESPERATE Search for Negativity
February 5, 2019
The negatives and naysayers are still trying to find something negative that will give them traction. The latest effort from the negatives’ designated blogger concerns a Dallas Morning News article regarding a graduate program at the University of Texas at Dallas (“UTD”).

From Addison Councilmember Paul Walden’s Facebook Page: My Thoughts on ADDISON OUTPERFORMED CITIES ALL ACROSS THE COUNTRY
January 12, 2019
The overwhelming majority of Town residents know and agree we have a very good situation here and that we all get a good value for our tax dollar. It is my privilege to work with an excellent Mayor and Council who have empowered and enabled our City Manager Wes Pierson to lead the Staff that delivers to all of us the high quality of services we all enjoy.

Who Thanks Themselves?
A Tall Tale About a Dog Park
January 12, 2019
I speak, of course, of two bricks at the Spruill Dog Park that purport to “thank” Addison’s misguided ex-mayor, one of them even going so far as to thank him for the park. Amazingly enough, publicly available documentation obtained by Truth in Addison confirms that these two bricks were purchased by none other than the ex-mayor himself.

All Is Going Great In ALL of Addison
January 4, 2019
I was thinking as the year turned about how great things are going in Addison. 2018 was the first full calendar year under the leadership of Mayor Joe Chow, and it was a fantastic, successful year. We enjoyed the fruits of a true democracy, with seven councilmembers working together to advance Addison’s interests.

We Are Not Posting on The Next Door App
December 12, 2018
Truth in Addison is not posting on the Next Door app. If you are here because you saw a link on the Next Door app, or because you read some other post and got curious, we welcome you. But please know that we didn’t post any links and are not behind the post-storm that is currently being inflicted on Next Door users . . . .
The Politics of the Anonymous Plurality
December 10, 2018
Context is critical: We have to know who we’re dealing with and where they’re coming from, including so we can evaluate motives and biases. All of which allows us to evaluate the claims being made.

Working WITH The Neighborhood
It’s The Addison Way
December 6, 2018
So, I have to stand corrected regarding the Village on the Parkway meeting, to be held on December 10, 2018 at Addison’s Town Hall.

Let’s Talk Truth
About Fighting Crime With Technology
November 19, 2018
The staff is working on establishing policies and procedures, and is planning to bring their proposal to the council in January 2019.

From Addison Councilmember Paul Walden’s Facebook Page: The Sky Is Not Falling
May 2, 2018
You may remember the old story about Chicken Little who ran around screaming, “The sky is falling, the sky is falling”. Well, we have a city council candidate who is doing the same thing. In the world of politics it is called fear mongering – deliberately exaggerating and frightening the public over an issue that may or may not be real.

Don’t Rely on Last Minute Negative Spin: If Issues Are Legitimate, They Are Raised In Time For Open, Honest, and Thorough Debate
April 25, 2018
For the third election in a row, the negative spinners have circulated inaccurate and misleading information on the eve of early voting.  Their timing is unquestionably intentional.  After all, these last-minute ambushes make it difficult to correct misstatements before votes are cast.

Don’t Be Distracted By False Issues: The Council Speaks For Addison, Of Course (It’s In The Charter)
April 19, 2018
When you read what the negative spinners think “leadership” is about, it’s downright scary.  Consider that these folks proudly published comments from the Town Hall questioner’s email to City Manager Wes Pierson, who was advised as follows: “Time to get a hold of the message, stop other voices from Addison” and “I think it is imperative that you control the narrative” . . . .

From Addison Councilmember Paul Walden’s Facebook Page:
My Thoughts on Housing
April 19, 2018
Campaigning either brings out the worst or best in people. Personally, I enjoy it but some candidates use campaign time to spread all sorts of false or misleading information in hopes of inflaming voters to secure their vote. This year, one candidate is fear mongering by using the word some homeowners fear most – APARTMENTS – even though the candidate was a strong supporter of converting the old Sam’s property into apartments and townhomes!

Addison’s Council Successfully
Settles The Wind Turbine Lawsuit
April 16, 2018
The terms of the wind turbine settlement have finally been announced, and they are favorable to Addison.  The Town will essentially receive a refund, with the complete removal of the turbines and attendant repairs to the roof of the water tower. 

Inventing Evidence:
Don’t Be Fooled By Negative Spinners
April 12, 2018
After staging all this hostility and disrespect, the captive facts-don’t-matter blog claimed that “major dissension” had “erupted” at the Mayor’s coffee.  How utterly absurd.  These folks are rude to the mayor, they stage what was clearly a pre-scripted spectacle, and then cite their own behavior as evidence of dissent in Addison.  It’s ridiculous.

Talking TRUTH About The
Farmers Branch Creek Dispute
April 10, 2018
I acknowledge blogs by the Farmers Branch mayor and one councilmember, attacking my prior article about the Farmers Branch creek dispute.  It’s unfortunate to see this type of rhetoric, as it clearly doesn’t advance either town towards a resolution.

Talking TRUTH About The
Farmers Branch Creek Dispute
April 3, 2018
Farmers Branch has decided to take the creek dispute in an unfortunate direction, terminating a number of longstanding, unrelated agreements with Addison.  I guess there is a contingent in Farmers Branch that believes that using libraries and access to senior centers and the like as pawns will somehow cause Addison to capitulate to Farmers Branch’s demands.  Addison has reacted by staying above the fray and sticking to its guns.  As well it should.

What Really Happens When Something Like
The Wind Turbine Lawsuit Is Settled
March 31, 2018
Those who would divide us continue their negative spin about the settlement of the wind turbine lawsuit. Their willingness to attack the current council no matter what they say or do is so very unfortunate, but it’s our reality. This week, they quoted some alleged CIA slogan by way of suggesting conspiracy theories in connection with the settlement. It is absurd and they are simply wrong.

 The Dangers of Social Media and
The Challenge of Confirming the Facts
March 20, 2018
Recent events in our country have focused attention on the improper use of social media to spread false and misleading information . . . Addison has been there and done that, mostly at the hands of its misguided ex-mayor, who misused social media to spread demonstrably inaccurate and misleading information during his tenure.

No Matter How You Spin It
We Still Have to Wait to Hear the Terms Of
The Wind Turbine Lawsuit Settlement
March 16, 2018
Honestly, these folks will say anything. And I, for one, will continue to challenge them. So, on the settlement issue, there is no secrecy. No one is hiding anything. This is a council that inherited a lawsuit filed by the prior administration. They didn’t choose the claims. They didn’t choose the strategy. They simply managed it as best they could, and we will soon find out how well they did in settling it.

Don’t Be Fooled By Fake Names:
Identifying the Negatives When They Try To Hide
Keeps Us On The Path To A Positive Future
March 15, 2018
The message of the posts is the same old story. They attack the current council . . . . So, what do we know about the identity of the person posting? On Next Door the posting was supposedly made by “Aslaugh Lothbrook.” Of course, I immediately wondered, who is “Aslaugh Lothbrook.”

Advancing Addison’s Agenda
Requires Positive Thinking… And Campaigning
March 12, 2018
We can demand positivity from candidates. We can insist that candidates focus on Addison’s future, and how we move forward. If candidates go negative, we can ask them how that negativity helps Addison.

The Settlement of the Wind Turbine Lawsuit
Reserving Judgment Until the Terms Are Announced
March 2, 2018
As predicted, the apparent settlement of the wind turbine lawsuit has sent the ex-mayor and his sycophants into a tailspin.  From all accounts, they are witnessing the crumbling of this year’s faux election issue, and that has left them utterly desperate to find some way to cast the matter in a negative light.  It is of no concern to them that this is a positive development Addison.  . . . So, let’s dispel a few myths from the negative spinners.

The Wind Turbine Lawsuit Has Settled:
Let’s Wait for the Terms To Judge It
March 1, 2018
The current council has apparently resolved the wind turbine lawsuit, although terms have yet to be made public.  The timing of the settlement is significant and seems positive for Addison . . . .

Respect for Democracy is the Key,
Not Manipulated Facts and False Issues
February 28, 2018
Addison has learned some hard lessons about the importance of democratic principles during the past few years.  One lesson is that issues come and go, but our system endures.  And that demonstrates the importance of electing councilmembers who believe in the co-equal seven-member council established by Addison’s Charter and who will be a positive part of the deliberative process contemplated by the Charter.

Recycled Efforts to Create Controversy:
Spinning The Wind Turbine Lawsuit Still Doesn’t Fly
February 6, 2018
Well, it’s election season in Addison, and unfortunately the former mayor’s sycophants are at it again.  They even found a willing partner in the Dallas Morning News, which once again adopted the false narrative suggested by the facts-don’t-matter folks.  It’s not the first time the DMN has fallen for it, and it likely won’t be the last.  And, for good measure, these folks even stirred up some more bad publicity for Addison from a local TV station, continuing to operate from the “harm Addison” playbook as a way of advancing their “divide-the-community” strategy.

From Addison Councilmember Paul Walden’s Facebook Page:  My Thoughts
December 18, 2017
Addison employees have long had a reputation of providing “over the top” level of services to Town residents and businesses. In order to keep that service level, I strongly support the new compensation plan for our employees. As candidates for city council appear on your doorstep in the next few months asking for your vote, (I’ll be one of them!) make sure that you understand their employee compensation philosophy before promising your vote.

The TRUTH about Summary Judgments
(and the wind turbine lawsuit)
November 16, 2017
Those who would divide us will attack the current council no matter what they do (or don’t do), no matter what the subject, and without regard to the merits.  They are unconstrained by the truth, and will attack these public servants whether it is rational to do so or not.  It’s just what they’re about.  So, the usual round of attacks followed the November 10th summary judgment hearing in the wind turbine lawsuit.  Since this is my area of expertise . . . .

To talk TRUTH about the wind turbine lawsuit
October 31, 2017
 The efforts to set up a scapegoat in case the wind turbine lawsuit doesn’t go well continue.  I write again because it’s one of those times when you have an opportunity to really gauge credibility.  Follow me here: the pleadings in the wind turbine lawsuit are publicly available.  That means that the things I’ve written about are easily confirmed.  But here’s the thing: that also helps us figure out when other commentators who claim to be in the know haven’t read the pleadings. 

Let’s talk TRUTH about the wind turbine lawsuit
October 28, 2017
Addison has once again been subjected to a wildly inaccurate, grossly misleading and entirely inappropriate missive about the wind turbine lawsuit.  It includes outrageous, unfounded and slanderous attacks on former City Managers Ron Whitehead and Lea Dunn simply because they provided truthful testimony.  Enough is enough.  One would have hoped that these tactics would abate, given the results of the last two elections.  But, here we are again, with the same people once again trying to mislead Addison residents.  So, let’s talk TRUTH about this lawsuit.

From Addison Councilmember Paul Walden’s Facebook Page
September 4, 2017
I appreciate the ACAP volunteers and their willingness to serve and the steps the Council took recently are prudent and reasonable in ensuring their safety and reinforcing their proper role within the Police Department.

Budget Highlights
August 28, 2017
Tax Rate – the City Manager’s proposed budget calls for reducing the Town’s tax rate from $0.560472 by just over one penny to $0.550000. The taxable value on the average single-family home in Addison is $299,911. Because of the increase in property values, the average homeowner’s tax bill from Addison would go up $40.77, less than $5 a month.

Displaying Our Flag and The Midday Rotary Flag Lease Program
June 15, 2017
I was astonished to hear that Addison’s former mayor and his girlfriend are now trying to stir up controversy
over the Rotary Flag Lease Program.

Municipal Finance is Different
From Family Finances
May 16, 2017
I am NOT advocating an irresponsible level of municipal debt.  But, we must recognize that part of Addison’s future means building and maintaining a level of infrastructure that makes sense.  That we can afford.  That we need in order to build our Town out responsibly.  And, it is sound, prudent policy to ensure that the cost of that infrastructure is borne equitably by all who benefit from it, not just current residents.

Moving Addison Forward ,
Remaining Vigilant and Seeking the Truth
May 9, 2017
. . . And, in the end, Meier did nothing to retract the misinformation he had circulated.
We cannot let such conduct stand.  It was nothing less than an effort to subvert our government by influencing voters with false information.  We need to have a clear understanding of how that happened.  Indeed, for many years, Meier has been the proverbial “lowest common denominator,” demonstrating the harm that can be done by one lawless person unbounded by any sense of decency.  We need to learn our lesson, and that means understanding how the train got off the tracks in the first place.  This will enable us to act to ensure that it never happens again.

Meier’s Efforts to Influence the Election
Raise Deeply Troubling Issues
May 5, 2017
To no one’s surprise, the Dallas District Attorney has CLOSED the investigation Todd Meier improperly instigated against Joe Chow:
“At this time, we are formally closing our investigation into this matter having found no evidence of any criminal offense.”
But’s let put the “trying to steal the election” issue aside for a moment, and examine Meier’s conduct from a different angle and specifically, on whose behalf was Meier acting?

Recovering from Meier:
Repairing and Reuniting Addison
May 1, 2017
I don’t see how the negative campaigning by Meier and his chosen candidates does anything to advance the recovery process.  But, these tactics have caused me to reflect on the issues that are at the heart of the damage to Addison.  Clearly, we have the opportunity to move in a new direction designed to restore the Addison Way.  But first, we have to explore what happened to get us to where we are now.  Recognizing the failures of Meier’s deceitful, divisive approach allows us to forge a new, positive path for Addison.

A Letter to Her Neighbors from Betsy Hunt
April 30, 2017
I do not speak disrespectfully to candidates or their supporters.
I sit on the corner in the light of day on private property with the little signs that I paid for.  Would you like it if someone were to throw food at you . . . .

Joe Chow and Tom Braun Are Eligible,
Meier Knew It, And BRAZENLY DECEIVED Addison Voters About It
April 29, 2017
When Meier published last week’s newsletter, he was in possession of an attorney’s opinion and additional information that he intentionally WITHHELD from Addison voters in a clear effort to dissuade them from voting for Chow and Braun.

REJECT Negative Campaigning
And Return Addison to the ADDISON WAY
April 26, 2017
The negative attacks on Joe Chow and other candidates are classic Meier.  That means that Meier is either controlling the candidates or they have voluntarily adopted his tactics.  Which it is doesn’t matter.  What does matter is that this confirms that they would bring more of the same tactics to the council.
I am hopeful that Addison voters will reject the negativity, vote for candidates who bring a positive, inclusive approach to the council, and thereby return Addison to the TRUE Addison Way.

Addison’s Charter on SUCCESSIVE Terms
Is Very Clear, Braun and Chow are Eligible
April 22, 2017
Meier is prohibited by law from using Addison resources to attack Chow or, for that matter, Tom Braun.  And yet, Meier persists, and has attacked Joe Chow in each of the last four newsletters, using Addison’s email list.  The law prohibiting such conduct is clear.  Meier just doesn’t care and continues to brazenly ignore it.
Meier now claims that provisions of Addison’s Charter regarding term limits cast doubt on the eligibility of Tom Braun and Joe Chow, because both served on Addison’s council some years ago.  This is patently false, and it’s not even a close call.

Apartment Dwellers Are People Too
And, Their Rent Funds Property Taxes
April 21, 2017
Now comes word that a Meier supporter is circulating yet another negative letter, now attacking Joe Chow and Lori Ward because they live in apartments in Addison, rather than owning homes. And, again claiming (falsely) that they do not contribute to the Addison tax roll. Isn’t it time to end this negativism and focus on healing Addison? What are we to think when someone claims that they will unite our community, but continues to divide it with all these negative attacks? I’m still waiting for how unification will happen in the face of such divisive tactics. In any event, let’s talk about the apartment issue.

The Phony Phone Survey:
Duping People Into Listening to An Attack Ad
April 18, 2017
Last evening at about 8:20 p.m., I received a call on my cell phone.  The caller spoke very quickly and told me that she had a two-question “survey” for me.  I have to confess that I’d been tipped off about these calls, so I was pretty sure this wasn’t really a “survey.”  So, I asked some questions.

Remember Last Year’s Supposedly “Unsolicited” Letter
Encouraging Votes for Meier’s Candidates?  He’s Back…
As a Paid Political Consultant to Blake Clemens
April 17, 2017
I have a long memory.  You should too.  Sometimes it provides you with an opportunity to judge credibility.  We have just such an opportunity now.

Addison Doesn’t Need Written Policies On Transparency and Ethics
It Needs an Honest Mayor
April 17, 2017
Todd Meier keeps putting ethics and transparency on the council agenda, pushing for the creation of yet more written “policies.”  But Addison already has guidance and standards regarding transparency and ethics.  It doesn’t need more.  Addison’s real problem is Meier, whose vicious tactics have included a remarkable willingness to ignore transparency and ethics laws and deceive residents.  Written policies won’t change that.

Providing Addison With Significant Control
April 13, 2017
At the forum on April 12, 2017, Dale Wilcox stated that in rezoning property for the AMLI development, Addison had failed to ensure proper controls over what was built there. His comment is inaccurate and  inexplicable on several levels.

Don’t Destroy or Deface Candidates’ Political Signs
(How NOT To End Division in Addison)
April 3, 2017
Please don’t destroy or deface the political signs of Addison candidates. Even if you don’t support a particular candidate, harming other people’s property is wrong. We learned that in kindergarten, didn’t we? And yet, we have a mayoral candidate encouraging residents to deface his opponent’s signs.

Meier’s Attacks on a Planning and Zoning Commissioner Evidence a Dangerous Escalation
April 3, 2017
Todd Meier recent attacks against a member of Addison’s Planning & Zoning Commission are unprecedented, and evidence a dangerous escalation of tactics by this brazen politician.

Seeing Through Meier’s Latest Fabricated Campaign Issue:  The War on AMLI
March 27, 2017
in Meier’s world, you either OBEY or you are attacked and punished.  It’s a scenario to which Addison has been subjected again and again for six years.  We have watched Meier declare war on Addison’s employees, police and fire departments, Addison’s former management, citizens, fellow councilmembers, neighboring communities, and anyone who doesn’t capitulate to Meier’s demands.  Sadly, the list of Meier’s victims is long. So, AMLI is simply Meier’s latest victim.  AMLI didn’t capitulate to Meier’s demand, and so Meier is doing what he always does: attack and punish.  Oh sure, disparaging a nationally established developer like AMLI is horrible for Addison.  It has surely discouraged other developers unwilling to be subjected to such tactics.  But Meier doesn’t care.  His tenure on council has been all about him, not about Addison.

It’s Not About Being “For” or “Against” Apartments
It’s About Making Good Decisions For Good Reasons
March 16, 2017
It’s election season, and Todd Meier is once again politicizing council business, trying to create controversy to fuel his latest political campaign.  The issues this year are new, but the story line remains the same.  Meier distorts and misrepresents issues, using his false narrative as a platform to attack those who disagree, always leading people to the (inaccurate) conclusion that only Meier can “get it right.”  One of this year’s faux issue is whether people are “for” or “against” apartments.

From Addison Councilmember Paul Walden’s Facebook Page
March 16, 2017
Tuesday night’s Council meeting continued a pattern of the Mayor wasting the time of the Council and taxpayer dollars by putting three, unnecessary agenda items on the docket. We wasted time discussing (once again) the AMLI project, which was passed two weeks ago by a vote of 5-2. The Mayor continues to insist the Council rushed a vote on this decision despite the fact that it has been under consideration for TWO YEARS. Staff determined it was consistent with the Town’s housing policy and has recommended it twice and two different Planning & Zoning Commissions have recommended it forward to Council.

AMLI Responds to Addison Mayor Todd Meier
March 13, 2017
The letter, in response to Meier’s comments on 5015 Spectrum Drive, is introduced here by comments from Addison Councilman Paul Walden.

SUPPRESSION of Other Councilmembers’ Views
Signals a Dangerous Escalation of Tactics by Meier
March 5, 2017
On February 14, 2017, Meier intentionally disrupted Addison’s government, PRECLUDING other councilmembers from participating in the meeting.  Those who might conduct business in Addison are watching this Meier Gong Show, and likely deciding that other nearby communities are far better options.  I have said before that it will take years for Addison to recover from the damage Meier is doing.  That has never been more evident than during the past month.

From Addison Councilmember Paul Walden’s Facebook Page
March 3, 2017
I was a bit mystified why the Council spent well over an hour on a line-by-line review of the four- page City Council Guidelines on Meeting Protocols and Decorum document on Feb. 28.
At first, it appeared that the mayor was trying to justify his appalling and embarrassing interrogation of both staff and zoning applicant at the Feb. 14 meeting. But, later, it seemed to be focused on whether council members had the right to disagree with how a mayor managed a meeting (he refused to recognize some council members so they could make a motion to proceed with voting and cut off his lengthy questioning).

Meier’s Latest Efforts at “Agenda By Ambush” Need To Be Forcefully Rejected
February 27, 2017
Todd Meier is again trying to push his misguided agenda by ambushing the Council.  The Agenda published last week included items, referencing Decorum, Ethics and Transparency. These Agenda items were included at Meier’s request.  The Agenda contained no proposals and no detail regarding what the discussion would even be about.  If these items were legitimate, the public and the other members of Council would have been provided with specifics.  The absence of specifics tells us that Meier is once again up to no good.  This is, after all, an individual who spends his days plotting and scheming to cause harm to his political foes, most often by misrepresenting and mischaracterizing issues and then bullying those who dare to correct his many misstatements.  

From Addison Councilmember Paul Walden’s Facebook Page
February 20, 2017
During my 8.5 months on the Addison City Council and my prior six years on the Farmers Branch City Council, last Tuesday’s Council meeting was unlike any other Council meeting I have ever participated in. Todd Meier’s perversion of the Addison Way was on full display when he wasted 3.5 hours on pointless questions, which only sought to cast aspersions on anyone who opposed his position, even to include citizen volunteers who serve on the Planning & Zoning Commission.

The Redding Trail Playground
February 12, 2017
Todd Meier has known for three-plus years about Addison’s contractual obligation to remove the playground equipment located along the Redding Trail, in between Midway Meadows and Les Lacs.  For all his claims of transparency, the residents in the area seemed to have been blindsided by the news.  The same goes for the councilmembers who were elected in 2016.  No one told them about it.

From Addison Councilmember Paul Walden’s Facebook Page
City Manager Wes Pierson’s Responses to Questions on Proposed AMLI Development
February 2, 2017
Rumors and misinformation are circulating regarding the proposed AMLI apartment development on Specturm Drive that will come before the Council on February 14th. In an effort to acquire accurate information, City Manager Wes Pierson responded to questions submitted by the Council.

From Addison Councilmember Paul Walden’s Facebook Page
December 16, 2016
The refusal, for the second year, to pay retired employees a Cost-Of-Living increase reflects badly on our community when 92% of cities in the state offer this benefit. How can we attract and retain quality employees when we aren’t competitive? The mayor and his followers took advantage of the drumbeat of local publicity regarding Dallas’ police and fire pension problems (NOT connected to Addison’s TMRS system) to scare Addison residents with huge, future liability numbers without explaining a variety of options that could be explored to resolve the concerns.

Cost of Living Adjustments Are Not “Pay Raises”
December 12, 2016
Addison’s mayor has once again misled Addison’s residents, mischaracterizing an upcoming council vote regarding retirees as a vote about “pay raises.” The vote is actually about cost-of-living adjustments (“COLAs”), not “pay raises.” They are two very different animals.  COLAs are periodic increases in payments and/or benefits that compensate for a LOSS OF PURCHASING POWER DUE TO INFLATION. Without COLAs, benefits and payments lose their value over time.

from-addison-councilmember-paul-waldens-facebook-pageFrom Addison Councilmember Paul Walden’s Facebook Page
November 14, 2016
It was also very apparent that the Mayor remains obsessed with discrediting former City Manager (and now private citizen) Ron Whitehead. I listened as he read from 6-7 typed pages of prepared comments that droned on and on as to how he holds himself up as the savior of the Town since his election as Mayor in 2011. Like anyone I am sure that if Ron had it to do all over again there would be things he would change in how he managed our Town over his 32-year tenure, but there is a reason we all chose to move to Addison and call this our home. Ron Whitehead deserves the lion’s share of the credit for making Addison what it is today, not the Mayor or any other politician.
I can only speculate as to his motives as the Mayor persists in his shameless self-promotion and mean spirited, baseless attacks on the former City Manager. I believe those attacks are below the dignity of the office of the Mayor of Addison.

ron-whiteheadFrom Addison Councilmember Jim  Duffy’s Facebook Page:  Statement by former Addison City Manager Ron Whitehead
November 14, 2016
Former City Manager had agreed to come to the City Council meeting Tuesday with two stipulations. First that he be allowed to discuss multiple subjects and, second, that he take questions only from the members of the council.
Our mayor promptly violated the second stipulation by repeatedly soliciting questions from his followers. Therefore, Mr. Whitehead opted to not appear in person but requested a statement in his behalf. I had the privilege or reading that statement Tuesday night.
If you missed the meeting or didn’t want to watch it on the internet I thought you might be interested in what he had to say. Here is the statement he produced.

from-addison-councilmember-bruce-arfstens-facebook-pageFrom Addison Councilmember Bruce Arfsten’s Facebook Page
October 2, 2016
We claim to be an “innovative and creative” Town, but in order to earn that distinction we have to be willing to think outside the box and encourage “innovative and creative” ideas that might reveal a previously unknown “highest and best use” for a property.

from-addison-councilmember-paul-waldens-facebook-pageFrom Addison Councilmember Paul Walden’s Facebook Page
September 26, 2016
When the prior council approved the ill-conceived Addison Groves redevelopment, they included a restriction prohibiting Section 8 low income housing. MAYOR MEIER HAD TO KNOW THAT THIS WOULD NEVER BE ENFORCEABLE.

COUNCIL BRIEFS September 12, 2016COUNCIL BRIEFS September 13, 2016
September 14, 2016
Reposted from Addison Councilmember Paul Walden’s Facebook page,

The 2012 Bond CampaignThe 2012 Bond Campaign: Meier Plays the Blame Game Yet Again
August 27, 2016
Meier again tries to convince Addison’s residents that some political enemy has erred, rewriting history in an effort to make the facts fit his latest story.

Where Will Our $100,000 GoWhere Will Our $100,000 Go?
August 18, 2016
We don’t need to pay money via the Addison Legacy Foundation for this type of consulting work.  Town staff can pursue this project – as they did before – with no need of the Addison Legacy Foundation.  The Foundation claims they can get services donated and raise money to make this a reality but their results, to date, don’t demonstrate much of a track record in producing successful projects.

Mayor An Apology Isn’t EnoughMayor: An Apology Isn’t Enough:
July 13, 2016
Our Mayor owes council member Jim Duffy and the citizens of Addison a public apology. In his most recent newsletter the Mayor was critical of Duffy for not attending KaBoom Town festivities on Sunday evening. His snide comment is compelling evidence that the Mayor uses the newsletter to attack those he considers his political enemies and until the council acted was doing it at taxpayer expense.  His remarks concerning Jim, who chose to be at the side of his dying mother instead of attending the city’s KaBoom Town party, can only be described as insensitive, mean spirited and the thoughtless words of an individual who lacks any sense of humanity.

July 12, 2016
Addison is deeply divided today. It will remain so as long as we allow the political game players in town to believe that there is no penalty for “stoking the fires.”

The Big Picture, Part 2 The Secret Kanter Addendum and the Finance CommitteeThe Big Picture, Part 2: 
The Secret Kanter Addendum and the Finance Committee
June 20, 2016
Addison’s is a cautionary tale, and we must understand all of what happened to make sure it never happens again.  So, in Part 2, we turn to the issue of a SECRET addendum signed in connection with Kanter’s engagement letter that confirms the intent to keep his work concealed.  We also discuss the Meier-led council’s misguided decision to form a “Finance Committee” with no defined mission, no oversight or accountability, and no rules regarding powers it should never have been exercising.  As with Part 1, Part 2 will demonstrate a complete lack of transparency by the Meier-led regime.

The Big Picture, Part 1 Lea Dunn’s Memo and the Kanter FiascoThe Big Picture, Part 1:  Lea Dunn’s Memo and the Kanter Fiasco
June 15, 2016
Secrecy and government don’t mix; that’s why the Open Records Act and the Open Meetings Act exist in the first place.  Citizens have a right to full disclosure and real transparency, in other words, THE TRUTH.  But that hasn’t happened in Addison with Meier at the helm.  Instead, we have lived the vicious cycle of governmental abuse of power.  It’s relatively straightforward: a government that is secretive, i.e., disregards the laws requiring disclosure and transparency, is (a) the very government most likely to engage in wrongdoing, and thus (b) the very government that most needs the scrutiny of its citizens, and yet (c) the very government that will fight hardest that scrutiny.  It is exactly what Meier has brought to Addison, and the results speak for themselves: higher taxes, a tax rate above the rollback rate for the first time in Addison’s history, and a demoralized and devastated staff.  And, most significantly, a divided community, with a mayor whose “tone at the top” is to foment and escalate that division . . . .  Read further:  While there is some length to this outline, it may be the most important thing you’ve ever read on Truth in Addison.

Addison City Published Newsletter Will Increase TransparencyAddison City Published Newsletter Will Increase Transparency
June 7, 2016
As one of the people that was targeted by those political attacks while I served the Town as council member let me assure you that the newsletter was indeed used to further a particular agenda and to punish anyone who should disagree. While sometimes subtle, often the attacks were direct and not entirely truthful.
In the future a full accounting of the agenda items, issues facing the Town, and the way the vote went will be appreciated and fully transparent.

“Lost in Wisconsin” Finally Comes Home“Lost in Wisconsin” Finally Comes Home
June 6, 2016
You may have noticed the installation of a piece of art – titled “Lost in Wisconsin” – at the newly designed entrance to the Health Club at the corner of Beltway and Proton.  It is spectacular, truly completing the redesign of that area.  Kudos to the folks involved with the Addison Arbor Foundation, as well as Slade Strickland, who envisioned a redesign of this corner around this wonderful piece of art. And, in typical fashion, Todd Meier is spinning a tall tale about it.  At his recent coffee gathering, Meier told those in attendance that the new council had revisited the issue of the placement of this sculpture, suggesting that they had reversed course from a prior council vote.  From there, Meier made inflammatory suggestions about other things the new council might revisit, including getting rid of council videos, a suggestion that is absurd at best.  But here’s the thing.  The new council didn’t reconsider anything.

The Truth About Kanter, Part 1The Truth About Kanter, Part 1
Kanter:  “There are a lot of politics surrounding my work”
June 06,2016
In a meeting held on November 21, 2014, Addison employees Chris Terry and Cheryl Delaney expressed concern to accountant Larry Kanter that he was not treating Addison’s staff respectfully, and that Kanter “often failed to present all the facts or left out pertinent information which resulted in casting staff inappropriately and unfairly in an unfavorable light.”  Kanter’s response was that HIS HIRING WAS “A VERY POLITICAL PROCESS” AND THAT “THEY SHOULD BE AWARE THAT A LOT OF POLITICS [WERE] GOING ON SURROUNDING HIS WORK.”

Public Hearing Comments by Guillermo QuintanillaPublic Hearing Comments by Guillermo Quintanilla, Addison Resident,
at the May 24, 2016, Addison Council Meeting
May 31, 2016
YOU mayor… put that item on the Agenda tonight and, YOU mayor… chose the wording of the item.
And then YOU leaked the agenda to your supporters, working with them to arrange for an email to be circulated that falsely told people that it was the new councilmembers who put the newsletter on the agenda.  You did it to attack them, and you did it before these councilmembers EVER saw the agenda.

The Smoking Gun on Meier’s Intent To Continue His Divisive TacticsThe Smoking Gun on Meier’s Intent To Continue His Divisive Tactics
May 23, 2016
Meier immediately set about to undermine the new councilmembers by putting together an inflammatory agenda, and then arranging for the public to once again be misled about what was happening.
But Meier made a mistake this time. Now he’s been caught red-handed. Here’s what happened:

Kanter and the Finance Committee 2Kanter and the Finance Committee:
Circumventing Addison’s Charter
May 16, 2016
While Addison continues to conceal key documents relating to Larry Kanter, the documents they did produce validate many of the concerns about which I’ve written.  We now have evidence of the willingness of Meier and his cadre to circumvent our Charter’s unequivocal prohibition against the council directing the day-to-day affairs of our Town.

The Kanter Cover Up Continues As Meier “Spins” His End GameThe Kanter Cover Up Continues As Meier “Spins” His End Game
May 14, 2016
Addison continues to conceal documents I’ve requested relating to the Kanter fiasco, most notably Lea Dunn’s 19-page memo. Perhaps sensing that the memo is likely to be disclosed, Todd Meier is now trying to build deniability into the public record by rewriting his part of this unfortunate history.

Attacking Newly Elected Councilmembers Before They’ve Even Taken OfficeAttacking Newly Elected Councilmembers Before They’ve Even Taken Office:
May 12, 2016
Councilmembers-elect Paul Walden, Jim Duffy and Al Angell haven’t been sworn in yet.  They haven’t spoken a word as elected officials.  They haven’t taken a single official act.  But they have already been summarily condemned by the Meier-supporting facts-don’t-matter folks, who now call them “good ole boys.”  These are the same tabloid writers who brought you “poopgate.”  They now claim to be judge, jury and executioner.  All this before the trial even starts.

Making All Well in Addison Starts With TRUTHMaking All Well in Addison Starts With TRUTH
May 8, 2016
Addison’s citizens have spoken, and I am hopeful that their voices will now truly be heard.  The real work starts in 9 days when the new councilmembers are sworn in.  The past three years of Addison’s history are a cautionary tale.  No democracy can claim health when one person is allowed to dominate.  Our Charter states that all seven councilmembers are equal, with the mayor having two – and only two – additional duties: preside at meetings and represent Addison at official functions.  That model has been largely ignored . . . .

Dallas Morning NewsDMN: Again, The Truth about Who Is Responsible for Your Increased Property Taxes
May 6, 2016
“Any public official who swears he or she they didn’t raise your taxes because the appraisal district did the dirty deed is a full-blown liar who should be run out of town.”

More Shameful, Unfounded AccusationsMore Shameful, Unfounded Accusations,
And More Proof That We Need Change in Addison
May 3, 2016
I thought I’d seen it all from the incumbents and their supporters.  Today they sunk to a new low.  The “facts-don’t-matter” tabloid now accuses the three challengers and/or their supporters of placing poop on an Addison resident’s doormat.  And, a little dab on an incumbent’s sign.
It is patently absurd.  Needless to say, there is not one shred of evidence to support these ridiculous, wild, unfounded accusations.

Service Above Self – The (Old) Addison Way and The Rotary Club“Service Above Self” – The (Old) Addison Way and The Rotary Club
May 3, 2016
“Service above self” is the primary motto of the Rotary Clubs, including three that meet in and around Addison.  This motto dovetails with the Addison Way I knew when I served on the Council.  Employees lived it.  They were a cohesive unit back then, a family of sorts, fostered by strong, demanding, but fair leadership.  They thrived, and with them, Addison grew into  a very special place.

DCAD Didn’t Raise Addison’s TaxesDCAD Didn’t Raise Addison’s Taxes
The Incumbents Did
Let’s See Them Deny It Again . . .
May 3, 2016
This is one of those moments where you can look at objective evidence to determine who is telling you the truth.  I have said this repeatedly: Meier and his captive, obedient incumbents have raised your taxes more than 7% in just the last two years alone.  My statements have been met with a torrent of misinformation, most notably the false claim that rising taxes are the fault of DCAD, not Addison’s council.

This Council Raised Your Taxes And Should Answer For ItThis Council Raised Your Taxes And Should Answer For It
May 2, 2016
The incumbents have run a shameful campaign.  There’s no other way to say it.  They have attacked Addison and its history, and have unjustifiably disparaged its former staff and management, all for perceived political gain.  They have caused harm to Addison.  The strategy of continuing to misrepresent the facts is a disservice to Addison and an insult to Addison’s voters.  It amplifies the unwillingness of the incumbents to accept responsibility for the decisions they have made.  They owe honesty and explanations to the electorate, not a parade of misinformation that deflects attention from their conduct.  So let’s talk about a couple of issues the incumbents and their supporters keep raising.

Significant Conflict of Interest in Addison PoliticsSignificant Conflict of Interest in Addison Politics
May 2, 2016
After being admonished by the then City Attorney in 2014 for violating the Town’s prohibition against political     advertising and other ethics violations in campaigns, Addison’s Mayor, Todd Meier, and the Council voted to change the Town’s long standing Code of Ordinances to allow them to do so in the future . . .

May 2, 2016
No other Mayor in the North Texas sends out salacious e-mails and campaign literature on behalf of incumbents. A real leader brings people together and works to represent all aspects of various issues, but Meier just wants to stack the deck in his favor.
This Mayor is divisive and morale at City Hall is the lowest I have ever seen. It is no wonder that for the first time in the history of the Town of Addison that the Police and Firefighter’s Associations have endorsed non-incumbent candidates. They were willing to risk the wrath of the Mayor and his slate and instead support Al Angell, Jim Duffy and Paul Walden.

Taunting the Electorate The Reality of Meier’s New AddisonTaunting the Electorate:
The Reality of Meier’s New Addison
May 1, 2016
This week, my neighborhood was taunted by a sitting councilmember. This is the sad reality of the state of Addison’s government.

RAISING TAXES and Making Mud to Hide ItRAISING TAXES and Making Mud to Hide It
April 28, 2016
Since Todd Meier has been mayor, Addison’s taxes have increased by about 28.8%.  During the past two years, Addison’s taxes have increased by more than 7%.  At the same time, this Council has overspent the budget each of the last two years by almost $2 million.

Dallas Morning NewsLetters to the Editor
Focus on real Addison issues
April 27, 2016
Re: “Disrespectful behavior,” by Blake Barnard, April 16 Letters.
You recently published a letter in which the author proclaimed the alleged political views of a deceased Addison resident, then falsely accused residents of stealing political signs. I challenge both assertions.
These inflammatory accusations typify the divisive political atmosphere that has been fed by Addison’s misguided mayor.

What’s Getting DEEPER Isn’t FACTSWhat’s Getting DEEPER Isn’t FACTS . . .
Be Careful or Your Shoes Will Get Soiled . . . .
April 26, 2016
This last weekend brought us a torrent of misleading statements and outright misrepresentations from those supporting the incumbents.  And, while spewing all this venom, they repeatedly assured voters that they were providing “the facts.”  It just isn’t so.  So let’s talk about it.

Addison’s Weekend of LIES The Incumbents Are Pulling Out All the Stops and are Unconstrained by TRUTHAddison’s Weekend of LIES: The Incumbents Are Pulling Out All the Stops and are Unconstrained by TRUTH
April 25, 2016
Todd Meier produced a mailer circulated this weekend that BLATANTLY MISREPRESENTS the positions of candidates Jim Duffy, Al Angell and Paul Walden. This is an outrageous attempt to influence an important election by misleading Addison voters. It confirms again the need for change.

Meier is Bringing Kanter BackMeier is Bringing Kanter Back
The Council is STILL CONCEALING Lea Dunn’s Memo
April 24, 2016
Meier is desperate to maintain the control he has enjoyed over the council for the past two years, so he is pulling out all the stops. He fears the election of truly independent candidates. The three incumbents he supports have been obedient, working with Meier to lock down information that is available to the public. This Council has declared war on the Open Records Act. And that is critically important because for Meier to succeed, he must have free reign to mislead the public.

The Truth About the Forum It Is Indeed TheaterThey’re Still At It…
And The “Forum” was STILL Theater: Part 4 by former Councilmember Sue Halpern
April 22, 2016
It’s a shame we couldn’t have had a real forum and an election in which the candidates would actually discuss the issues. Unfortunately, that hasn’t happened. It’s also a shame that there can’t be a dialog of real issues, rather than all these efforts to rewrite history in an attempt to bolster the tax-and-spend incumbents. I find it utterly fascinating that folks writing a faux “newsletter” were provided with more information about this past Monday’s event than was shared with Paul Walden, Jim Duffy and Al Angell.

The Truth About the Forum It Is Indeed TheaterAnother Desperate Attempt to Rewrite History:
This “Forum” is STILL Theater: Part 3 by former Councilmember Sue Halpern
April 18, 2016
My goodness, but these folks are desperate to convince voters that this “forum” event is something other than theater. I stand by everything I’ve said about it. My comments are not false, and they’re certainly not “innuendo.” In fact, I’ve been very direct. But, let’s talk about it a little more . . . .

The Truth About the Forum It Is Indeed TheaterMORE TRUTH About the “Forum”
Why You Won’t See All the City Council Candidates at Tonight’s “Forum”
April 18, 2016
Of the six candidates, only the three incumbents are participating tonight and here is why:

1.       This is NOT a Town-sponsored event. No one will say who solicited sponsors for this event.
2.      The date and time of the forum was set without consulting all six candidates. The three challengers were just told when the event was going to be. No one offered to find a date when all six candidates could be here.
3.     The candidates have been asking for weeks: who is the organizer, who chose the moderator, who set the format? No one will answer these questions.
4.     The format and process for asking questions seems to be designed to benefit the incumbents. Paul Walden is away on business, Al is out-of-town, so Jim Duffy chose not to come since the timing and structure is unfair to all.. The other candidates would be happy to visit with you, personally, to share their views about the future governance of Addison:
Paul Walden                   paul4addison@yahoo.com                   214 448-4555
Al Angell                         al4addison@yahoo.com                        214 354-1234
Jim Duffy                         jim@duffy4addison.com                        972 998-5078

The Truth About the Forum It Is Indeed TheaterThe Truth About the “Forum”: It Is Indeed Theater
April 13, 2016
The fact is that presenting rehearsed answers as if they were extemporaneous is deceiving the public. It is not appropriate in any circumstance. Period. It is dishonest. And by the way, the fact that it’s deceptive isn’t changed by the fact that these candidates supposedly don’t know which of their 4-5 submitted questions they’ll be asked. The format is a sham.
Regarding the date: Paul Walden, Jim Duffy and Al Angell weren’t consulted. Their first notice was a March 13, 2016 email announcing the date and format, which began: “As you are aware.” Well, since they hadn’t been contacted, they were obviously not “aware.” That’s factual, no “inference” required at all. But then, the email makes clear that someone was “aware.” So who was “aware?” Well, the only folks left are the incumbent candidates, and that makes it pretty darn clear that they were consulted.

Addison Should Do What is Right,Not What it Can Get Away WithThe Kanter Saga Continues:
Addison Should Do What is Right,Not What It Can Get Away With
March 30, 2016
I can’t even buy “transparency” in Addison. Not that I should have to pay for it, I pay plenty of taxes, and my Addison tax bill has risen 28.8% in the five years since Meier has been mayor. You’d think an almost 30% rise in taxes would entitle me to some real disclosure. Not so. What I’m discovering is that my tax money is instead funding the elaborate cat and mouse game that has replaced the concepts of disclosure and transparency in Addison.

Election FraudIs Election Fraud Occurring in Addison?
March 29, 2016
This sure seems to me that the election process is being manipulated in the most egregious sense I can recall ever seeing. I think this is a FBI matter or at least something the state or federal elections or ethics commissions need to investigate. There is something very wrong going on in Addison.

The Unsolicited Letter, Part 3The “Unsolicited” Letter, Part 3
The Final Chapter: I STILL Smell A Rat
March 25, 2016
So the author of the letter has now confirmed that he indeed is a local yokel, not an East Coast big wig. And, he’s got lots of connections to Addison, and is indeed “linked” to one of the incumbents who is now a candidate. Good to hear that my investigation was spot on. And, I still smell a rat.

Overspending The Budget YET AGAINOverspending The Budget YET AGAIN
March 22, 2016
They’re at it again. Meier is about to lead this council to overspend the budget for the third year in a row. You see, they’ve painted themselves into somewhat of a corner with this whole Kanter fiasco. Now they’re spending our tax money for shamelessly political reasons.

3 Candidates Propose A Theatrical Performance3 Candidates Propose A Theatrical Performance
But Wait, They’re Calling It A “Forum?”

March 22, 2016
They will recite their prepared answers in the hopes of convincing the audience that they actually know something. In truth, the only thing that will be tested will be their acting skills.
Join me in refusing to attend such a ridiculous event, and in demanding a real forum.

When I Demand Transparency and TruthWhen I Demand Transparency and Truth From My Government, It Should Not Be Labeled “Hate”
March 21, 2016
It is the responsibility of every citizen to fight for democratic principles, and I, for one, will continue to do so. Demanding accountability and transparency is not “hateful.”

The Deception of the Unsolicited LetterThe Deception of the “Unsolicited” Letter I Smell Another Rat… Part 2
March 19, 2016
I didn’t find a disclosure statement anywhere in the publication. . . .
Isn’t it time for these people to cease this pointless smear campaign? Shouldn’t we be embracing Addison’s great past and working to make Addison even greater in the future?

Will We Hear the Other Side of the Kanter StoryWill We Hear the Other Side of the Kanter Story?
March 18, 2016
Citizens must be permitted to examine the underlying information – the facts – that either confirm or disprove the public statements of government and politicians. That is what “transparency” is all about.

We received an unsolicited letter= I Smell Another Rat“We” received an “unsolicited” letter? I Smell Another Rat…
March 18, 2016
Meier is so scared that Addison voters might elect people who are truly independent thinkers that he’s pulling all the stops out.

I Smell Fraud in Addison … In the Fraud AuditI Smell Fraud in Addison … In the Fraud Audit
March 14, 2016
“This smells like a witch hunt. The headline makes for good theater . . . . But I wonder if the forensic audit should rather have been on the Council itself. I don’t live in Addison, but this stinks. If there was something done wrong intentionally or fraudulently, nail them. However, the entire municipal family is damaged if this is politically motivated as it seems to be.”

The Kanter Web Is UnravelingThe Kanter Web Is Unraveling
March 12, 2016
Sir Walter Scott was right: “Oh! What a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.”
Kanter and Meier say whatever they want in their quest to disparage Addison’s staff and former management. Sorry, but that’s not transparency. It’s a web of deceit and slowly but surely, it’s beginning to unravel.

What Kanter Didn’t Tell You Changes EverythingWhat Kanter Didn’t Tell You Changes Everything
March 2, 2016
The timing of Kanter’s presentation and his one-sided attacks on prior management can only be characterized as political, because here’s what you weren’t told.

No Defendants or Defense Attorneys PresentThe Prosecutor Strikes Again (with no Defendant or Defense Attorney Present)
February 24, 2016
Of course, we have no recognized processes in this country where only one side is allowed to present evidence. There are always procedures that allow for cross-examination and an opportunity to present other evidence, a clear recognition of the danger of hearing only one side of any story. Unfortunately, Meier and his cadre have taken Addison in a different direction.

Addison’s Council Considers BMWAddison’s Council Considers BMW, Audi or Volvo Police Patrol Vehicles (What Are These People Thinking???)
February 22, 2016
At tomorrow’s council work session (February 23, 2016 at 6 P.M.), Addison’s City Council will receive a report from the staff – ordered by the Mayor – to regarding whether Addison can purchase exotic vehicles such as Porsche, Audi, Tesla and Volvo for police patrol units, rather than vehicles that are specifically designed, manufactured and tested to operate dependably as patrol vehicles. All this at a time when our taxes have risen almost 30%, we have had significant budget over runs, and Meier led this council to pay $6.5 million to the Sam’s redevelopment, with no idea where that money is coming from.

Sam’s VoteProblems with the Sam’s Vote and the Attempt to Discredit Serious & Valid Concerns
February 17, 2016
Recently, some of you received a letter from a councilmember who voted for the Sam’s redevelopment.
The author wrote that she received feedback on her vote for the project, describing that feedback as “misunderstandings” and “fear.” These themes parallel those used by the mayor, who has repeatedly suggested that opposition to the project could only be grounded in misinformation. These characterizations are unfortunate, and clear efforts to discredit the many serious and valid concerns raised by opponents, thereby avoiding the substance of those issues.

We’re public servants“We’re public servants and we serve the community. If we’re not listening to them, why are we here?”
January 26, 2016

Neighborhood AlertSam’s Site: Comments by Residents at the Public Hearing
January 17, 2016
You can view the video of those who spoke at the Public Hearing at the last Council meeting, at

Sam’s Site UpdateSam’s Site Update

January 15, 2016
After a marathon council meeting on Tuesday, Jan. 12. Council voted at about midnight to table the Sam’s issue for just two weeks. They will vote on it on January 26. Here’s a play-by-play . . . .

Neighborhood AlertNeighborhood Alert
January 2, 2016
This plan does not represent mixed use development. It is a high density residential development that provides little benefit to the people that already live here. We have to take responsibility for protecting our neighborhoods. We will need to show up in force for the City Council Meeting on January 12th