Remember Last Year’s Supposedly “Unsolicited” Letter Encouraging Votes for Meier’s Candidates? He’s Back…

Remember Last Year’s Supposedly “Unsolicited” Letter
Encouraging Votes for Meier’s Candidates? He’s Back…
As a Paid Political Consultant to Blake Clemens
By Susan M. Halpern
Former Addison Councilmember (1992-1999)

I have a long memory. You should too.  Sometimes it provides you with an opportunity to judge credibility.  We have just such an opportunity now.

Some brief background is necessary. Last year, a Meier supporter started sending emails out, purportedly containing a “newsletter.”  You might remember, these are the people that accused the non-Meier approved candidates of putting dog poop on someone’s porch, an utterly false allegation made with no basis whatsoever. Beyond “Poopgate,” they always attack Councilmembers Walden, Duffy and Angell no matter what they do, twisting events and generally adopting Meier’s fundamental premise that if it isn’t Meier’s idea, it must be bad.  The facts haven’t seemed to matter much to these folks.

In any event, during last year’s election, these folks claimed that someone identified only as “we” had received an unsolicited letter. They purported to quote the letter, which basically repeated Meier’s attacks on former City Manager Ron Whitehead, while encouraging voters to reelect the incumbents Meier was supporting.  Then these facts-don’t-matter folks provided the author’s supposed background, describing him as a non-resident with ties to Kentucky and North Carolina.  I guess the idea was to “wow” Addison’s voters with the notion that some supposedly disinterested political big wig from the East Coast thought Meier and his cadre were so swell that he just had to write about it.

I smelled a rat right away, and did some basic internet research. I very quickly discovered that Mr. East Coast was actually Mr. Frisco Texas, and was linked to one of Meier’s incumbent candidates on LinkedIn.  I have to say, I was pretty outraged, and I wrote three different articles about the deceptive nature of the whole thing, including the fact that Mr. Frisco’s letter was not labeled as “political advertising.”  You can read my three articles here:

  1. “We” received an “unsolicited” letter? I Smell Another Rat…”  (;
  2. The Deception of the “unsolicited” letter: I Smell Another Rat… Part 2(; and
  3. The “Unsolicited” Letter, Part 3, The Final Chapter: I STILL Smell A Rat(

So, why does this matter now? Because the author of last year’s supposedly “unsolicited” letter attacking Ron Whitehead and encouraging votes for Meier’s candidates has now been paid $1,000 by Blake Clemens for work performed as Clemens’ political consultant, as reflected in Clemens’ most recent campaign finance report.

That’s right, the whole thing has now come full circle. And we have more confirmation of all that I wrote last year regarding the ruse pulled by the facts-don’t-matter folks in an effort to mislead Addison’s voters.

So much for “unsolicited” letters by East Coast political big wigs.

Don’t be fooled, Addison.