Mayor: An Apology Isn’t Enough

Mayor: An Apology Isn’t Enough:
By Neil Resnik
Former Addison Councilmember (1992-1999) 

Our Mayor owes council member Jim Duffy and the citizens of Addison a public apology. In his most recent newsletter the Mayor was critical of Duffy for not attending KaBoom Town festivities on Sunday evening. His snide comment is compelling evidence that the Mayor uses the newsletter to attack those he considers his political enemies and until the council acted was doing it at taxpayer expense.  His remarks concerning Jim, who chose to be at the side of his dying mother instead of attending the city’s KaBoom Town party, can only be described as insensitive, mean spirited and the thoughtless words of an individual who lacks any sense of humanity.

In case you missed it here is the Mayor’s self-serving statement:

Thank you to council members Arfsten, Hughes and Wilcox for helping to maintain our tradition of council participation at our highest profile annual Special Event KaBoom Town on Sunday evening. All of us made sure we welcomed as many folks as possible and represented Addison as the ambassadors we are. Council members Duffy, Walden and Angell did not participate.

This is Jim’s response on Facebook:

“I did not attend Kaboom Town this year. Instead I was at the nursing home with my 92-year-pld mother in the last hours of her life. She passed on that night. Her funeral was Saturday. I thought being with her was more important than going to a party.”

First we want to offer Jim and his family our deepest condolences at this difficult time. We are sure, as Jim and his family knows, there is not a single citizen of our community who would even think of questioning his priorities.

To the Mayor: You owe Jim and our community a sincere public apology. A promise not to continue to use your newsletter to exact revenge on those who you consider your political opposition. You have embarrassed yourself and our community. Please also remember that people go to KaBoom Town to see the fireworks not to meet the Mayor.