Working WITH The Neighborhood It’s The Addison Way (Part 2)

Working WITH The Neighborhood
It’s The Addison Way (Part 2)
By Susan M. Halpern
Former Addison Councilmember (1992-1999)

So, I have to stand corrected regarding the Village on the Parkway meeting, to be held on December 10, 2018 at Addison’s Town Hall.  I had assumed that this was Addison being proactive.  Turns out, that’s not exactly what is happening.  Let me explain, and I think we’ll all agree that the saying “let no good deed go unpunished” applies forcefully.

First, the meeting is not a Town meeting at all.  The meeting is being held by the Oaks North Homeowners Association.  They are meeting with representatives of the Village on the Parkway ownership group to discuss two proposed projects at the Village on the Parkway.  Apparently, the ownership group wants community input before they decide whether to pursue a zoning change.

Second, while Town management encouraged the HOA to hold the meeting at a larger venue, the HOA was insistent that they wanted the meeting to happen closer to the neighborhood.  And, obviously Town Hall is adjacent to Oaks North.  So, the Town accommodated the HOA and agreed to allow them to hold their meeting at Town Hall.  Certainly, the Town is pleased that these parties are having a constructive dialog and I support the decision to allow Town Hall to be used.

Third, the referenced projects are not scheduled for any P&Z Agenda at this time.  They may never be brought forward.  But, be clear about this: if the ownership group decides to proceed, their request will have to be processed as with any other zoning case.  That is what the law requires.  In other words, the filing of any zoning case is not necessarily an indication of support by the current Council.

So, in this instance, the negatives and naysayers spun quite a tall tale that had even less basis in truth than I realized.  And they again demonstrate that in their world, no good deed goes unpunished.

In the meantime, bravo to these parties for embracing the Addison Way, and trying to work constructively on these potential projects.  I wish we had been extended such courtesies in connection with the redevelopment bordering our neighborhood.