Paul Walden, Addison City Council, Post (Facebook) February 20, 2017

Paul Walden, Addison City Council, Post (Facebook)

February 20, 2017

During my 8.5 months on the Addison City Council and my prior six years on the Farmers Branch City Council, last Tuesday’s Council meeting was unlike any other Council meeting I have ever participated in. Todd Meier’s perversion of the Addison Way was on full display when he wasted 3.5 hours on pointless questions, which only sought to cast aspersions on anyone who opposed his position, even to include citizen volunteers who serve on the Planning & Zoning Commission.

Meier attempted to subvert the normal public hearing process for rezoning cases by wanting to bypass both the staff report, as well as the applicant’s presentation with the intent to avoid placing facts on the record in advance of public comment. Additionally, his obvious intent to delay this matter well into the night by reading off a number of prepared questions and then seeking to move to other agenda items while this one was still pending, all of which were over ruled by the Council.

The Mayor has consistently mischaracterized this matter and even made false statements as to this being inconsistent with the housing policy. This matter has been considered by two different Planning & Zoning Commissions and approved both times, based on favorable staff recommendations over a multi-year time period. Therefore, to suggest this matter was rushed through or not adequately considered is simply not true.

The Mayor’s conduct was so offensive that even a citizen who opposed the project commented to the applicant that, while she disagreed with the project, it was wrong how the Mayor conducted himself.

The problem is beyond just this, single project. The development community takes notice of how Addison handles potential development opportunities. The mayor treated this applicant with such abject disrespect and did the same to Town staff, who, in their professional judgment dared to support a project the Mayor disagreed with, casts our Town in a very poor light. Developers are not going to be interested in bringing projects to Addison when they observe the toxic environment created by the Mayor.

The AMLI development project is something that will benefit all of Addison and I was proud to cast my vote along with the majority 5-2 vote in approving it. I have attached a link to the Staff report below to allow you to read the facts, absent any political spin fabricated by the Mayor, and decide for yourself. As always, I am always open to further discussions from anyone who cares to contact me.