Betsy Hunt

Dear Neighbor:

My name is Betsy Hunt.

I have not donated money to anyone’s campaign.
I am not a member of a Political Pac.
I do not speak disrespectfully to candidates or their supporters.

I sit on the corner in the light of day on private property with the little signs that I paid for.
I smile and wave to all that drive by.
I enjoy exercising my right to participate in the democratic process in my small way.

Would you like it if someone were to throw food at you, make very unpleasant gestures, or shout vulgar slurs at you because you choose not to support their candidates? Please extend anyone the same courtesy that you would want for your wife, grandmother, sister, any other friend, or loved one.  Some people would be disturbed by this.  Some would think this is funny or even believe deserving.  If you believe the latter, then I say the Addison Way has taken yet another turn for the worse.

Please vote for positive qualified candidates
 Joe Chow for Mayor – a proven leader
Lori Ward, Tom Braun, and Ivan Hughes for City Council
They have the credentials, temperament, and expertise to move Addison Forward.

Betsy Hunt
See you on the corner