A Sign of the Times

A Sign of the Times
Let’s Talk TRUTH About Signage on Beltline Road
By Susan M. Halpern
Former Addison Councilmember (1992-1999)

The negative candidates are apparently pointing to Addison’s plans for electronic signage on Beltline Road in support of their criticism of Addison’s budget. What they aren’t telling voters is that this signage was part of the bond package that was approved by voters in 2012. I know, because I served as the Secretary of the 2011-2012 Bond Advisory Committee, and was also the Chair of the Airport Subcommittee.

The work of the 2011-2012 Committee was detailed and extensive. The Committee’s report was accepted by the council and served as the basis for five propositions that were put to Addison voters in May 2012. All five propositions passed, with the one relating to Beltline Road receiving the second highest margin of approval.

The misinformation being circulated by these candidates raises troubling concerns about their qualifications and intentions. On this point, one possibility is that they have simply failed to inform themselves regarding Addison’s budget, including as it is impacted by bond elections. That would obviously be unacceptable on many levels. But the more disturbing possibility is that they are aware that the signage was part of the 2012 bond election, and are intentionally withholding this information so as to inflame and misinform Addison voters. That is shameful and dishonorable, and it is not what Addison needs.

Circulation of such misinformation is also an indication that these candidates are unconcerned with the will of the voters, will readily ignore it. This is important information, because as we have seen time and again, leopards don’t change their spots. If elected, rogue candidates become rogue councilmembers, and they can do significant damage to Addison. We lived through it at the hands of the toxic ex-mayor, and it has taken the better part of the past four years to recover from the harm inflicted to Addison’s reputation and staff. Not to mention the ill-advised failure to deal with significant capital projects that were finally addressed in the 2019 bond election. Do these candidates intend to ignore the voters on these issues as well?

Addison needs TRUTH from its elected officials. That starts with TRUTHFUL candidates. Voters should demand nothing less.

Stay positive, Addison. Let’s keep moving forward.