Paul Walden, Addison City Council, Post (Facebook): My Thoughts

Paul Walden, Addison City Council, Post (Facebook):  My Thoughts January 12, 2019

Some time back the Council commissioned a survey of the residents of the Town over a number of areas concerning delivery of services by the Town.  We were interested what we were doing well, what we were doing just OK and what we need to do better.  This survey covered a number of specific areas including but not limited to Public Safety, Parks, Streets/Transportation and Taxes. 

I want to invite you watch the presentation here   but let me share the Bottom Line:


Residents have a Very Positive Perception of the Town

  • 94% rated the Town as an excellent or good place to live

Satisfaction with Town Services is Much Higher in Addison than other Communities

  • Addison rated above the U.S. average and the Texas average in 56 of the 57 areas that were compared
  • Satisfaction with the Overall Quality of Town Services rated 30% above the U.S. average and 32% above the Texas average
  • Satisfaction with Customer Service from Town Employees rated 41% above the U.S. average and 44% above the Texas average

Most Important Town Services to emphasize over the Next Two Years

  • Flow of Traffic and Congestion Management
  • Overall Maintenance of Town Streets

There is a lot more detail available by watching the link of the presentation and reading the survey report here

As you can see by the summary above this is a very positive report and this clearly validates one of the planks of my campaign platform that we needed to compensate Town Staff fairly can competitively relative to our comparison cities.  The overwhelming majority of Town residents know and agree we have a very good situation here and that we all get a good value for our tax dollar.  It is my privilege to work with an excellent Mayor and Council who have empowered and enabled our City Manager Wes Pierson to lead the Staff that delivers to all of us the high quality of services we all enjoy.