REJECT Negative Campaigning And Return Addison to the ADDISON WAY

REJECT Negative Campaigning
And Return Addison to the ADDISON WAY
By Susan M. Halpern
Former Addison Councilmember (1992-1999)

The negative attacks on Joe Chow have been shocking in their depth and intensity, but they provide important information for Addison voters.

First and foremost, Joe Chow lives in Addison. The statements to the contrary are patently false.  The fact that Joe lives in an apartment is irrelevant.  Apartment dwellers are eligible to run for office, which in this election, includes Lori Ward and Joe Chow.

Second, Joe Chow and Tom Braun are eligible to run for council. Todd Meier’s statements to the contrary are false, irresponsible and a shameful attempt to influence the election.

Third, I have noted with great interest that Joe Chow’s opponent has not condemned the vicious, negative attacks on Joe Chow and others, including Meier’s improper meddling. Make no mistake about it: that means that Joe Chow’s opponent approves of these tactics.  That is reprehensible.

Fourth, make no mistake about this: anyone employing, approving or ratifying such tactics will bring the same tactics to their council position. Don’t doubt that for a moment.  And, remember this: We have seen this same approach from Todd Meier for six years.  It doesn’t work.  Our taxes are up, our staff is in shambles and our community is divided.  Meier’s candidates can deny it all they want, but the fact is that we are seeing Meier 2.0.  We need to recognize that it hasn’t worked for six years, and it won’t work for the next two.

Finally, someone asked me recently why I’ve written so much about Meier and his tactics during this election season, when Meier isn’t running for office. There are three reasons.  The first is that we have to understand how Meier harmed Addison in order to ensure that it doesn’t happen again.  The second is that Meier has once again improperly used Addison’s resources to spread false information in an effort to influence the election.  It’s more of the same deceit Meier has employed for six years, and voters need to know that.  Third, the negative attacks on Joe Chow and other candidates are classic Meier.  That means that Meier is either controlling the candidates or they have voluntarily adopted his tactics.  Which it is doesn’t matter.  What does matter is that this confirms that they would bring more of the same tactics to the council.

I am hopeful that Addison voters will reject the negativity, vote for candidates who bring a positive, inclusive approach to the council, and thereby return Addison to the TRUE Addison Way.