Addison’s Weekend of LIES: The Incumbents Are Pulling Out All the Stops and are Unconstrained by TRUTH

Addison’s Weekend of LIES: The Incumbents Are Pulling Out All the Stops and are Unconstrained by TRUTH

Todd Meier produced a mailer circulated this weekend that BLATANTLY MISREPRESENTS the positions of candidates Jim Duffy, Al Angell and Paul Walden.  This is an outrageous attempt to influence an important election by misleading Addison voters.  It confirms again the need for change.

Meier wrote that Duffy, Angell and Walden want to open up the Athletic Club to non-residents.  THAT’S BLATANTLY FALSE. They have no intention of opening the club up to non-residents, and have never said any such thing.

The Police and Fire Associations have endorsed candidates for the first time ever, and they have endorsed Jim Duffy, Al Angell and Paul Walden.  Several of the incumbents didn’t bother to fill out the issues-related questionnaire from the Police and Firefighter Associations that was part of their process, and so also didn’t participate in the interviews that followed.  That speaks volumes about their lack of respect for these Associations.

But then, Meier and his group have all but declared war on the employees, including the fire and safety personnel.  They have repeatedly declined to address Addison’s employee compensation problems, until challenged in an election.  The current budget went into effect last October 1st, but the council didn’t address employee compensation until the end of March in an obvious effort to impact the election by claiming they care about the issue.  The six months it was left unaddressed provides the real answer to the question of whether they care or not.

In the face of all this, the incumbents are now suggesting that the endorsement was “bought” with promises of raises?  That’s nonsense.  The position of Paul Walden and others is that Addison’s compensation system is an ongoing problem that needs to be addressed.  The council needs to act in order to stem the exodus of employees, particularly in the police and fire departments.

While communication with residents is critical, a newsletter that was determined to be political advertising by the former city attorney is not the answer.  It has been a tool for withholding information as suits the purpose of Meier and his cadre.  That’s not transparency.  This council talks about transparency, but doesn’t walk the walk.  They continually withhold information and documents that would refute many of their claims regarding lawsuits, compensation and financial management. Open records requests have doubled and legal expenses have climbed as they try to hide information that other cities make available to constituents.  Sorry, but that’s not transparency and it needs to change.

A recent letter, apparently mailed only to Republican primary voters, claims the past city manager, Lea Dunn, just decided to resign after 14 months on the job.  That just isn’t true.  The fact is that Lea Dunn didn’t just “resign,” she OFFERED to resign SUBJECT TO receiving her severance package.  That’s not a resignation, it was a termination without cause and our guess is that Lea would have lots to say about it.  But, Meier and his cadre bought her silence as part of the termination without cause.  It’s all on tape, and can be easily verified.  The truth is that Addison’s money was used to settle Meier’s political score.  They forced her out and they didn’t want her speaking publicly about how she was treated or the things they had done.  Those are the FACTS and they surely MATTER.

The Police Chief, Fire Chief, Finance Director, Director of Parks, Director of Special Events, Director of Communications, Director of Visitor Services and Chief Payroll Specialist have all left Addison or taken early retirement.  The claims that they simply moved on are just not true; many left just to get away from the toxic work environment created by the incumbents.

None of the non-incumbents has ever said that they would end Addison’s productive economic development efforts as falsely suggested in Meier’s shameful mailer.  That is just a total fabrication on his part.

Nor is it true that “we are doing the best in our history by any measure” as Meier’s mailer contends.  But then, when any town has a propaganda machine in the place of real transparency, such claims are bound to follow.

Independent thinkers?  Mary Carpenter, Janelle Moore and David Heape overwhelmingly vote with Meier on virtually any issue.  Most council votes are 5-2 or 6-1.  Sorry, but that’s not “independent thinking.”  That’s obedience to their benefactor, Meier.  And of course, he is now returning the favor with his misleading mailer, in a desperate attempt to keep them on the council, which of course keeps him in control.

And of course, these are the incumbents who, upon being elected two years ago, LOWERED ADDISON’S ETHICAL STANDARDS to ensure that when they ran for reelection, Meier could use his title in connection with his anticipated endorsements.  A council that lowers ethical standards is not what Addison needs.  Not now, and not EVER.

So, we’ve now experienced a weekend of lies and deceit at the hands of the incumbent political machine.  This is what an unchecked government looks like, folks.  When they can misrepresent and deceive without any fear of recrimination, we are clearly in trouble.  Addison deserves better.