18 Apr

The Truth About the Forum It Is Indeed TheaterAnother Desperate Attempt to Rewrite History:
This “Forum” is STILL Theater: Part 3 by former Councilmember Sue Halpern
April 18, 2016
My goodness, but these folks are desperate to convince voters that this “forum” event is something other than theater. I stand by everything I’ve said about it. My comments are not false, and they’re certainly not “innuendo.” In fact, I’ve been very direct. But, let’s talk about it a little more . . . .

The Truth About the Forum It Is Indeed TheaterMORE TRUTH About the “Forum”
Why You Won’t See All the City Council Candidates at Tonight’s “Forum”
April 18, 2016
Of the six candidates, only the three incumbents are participating tonight and here is why:


1. This is NOT a Town-sponsored event. No one will say who solicited sponsors for this event.
2. The date and time of the forum was set without consulting all six candidates. The three challengers were just told when the event was going to be. No one offered to find a date when all six candidates could be here.
3. The candidates have been asking for weeks: who is the organizer, who chose the moderator, who set the format? No one will answer these questions.
4. The format and process for asking questions seems to be designed to benefit the incumbents. Paul Walden is away on business, Al is out-of-town, so Jim Duffy
chose not to come since the timing and structure is unfair to all.

The other candidates would be happy to visit with you, personally, to share their views about the future governance of Addison:
Paul Walden paul4addison@yahoo.com 214 448-4555
Al Angell al4addison@yahoo.com 214 354-1234
Jim Duffy jim@duffy4addison.com 972 998-5078

The Truth About the Forum It Is Indeed TheaterThe Truth About the “Forum”: It Is Indeed Theater
April 13, 2016
The fact is that presenting rehearsed answers as if they were extemporaneous is deceiving the public. It is not appropriate in any circumstance. Period. It is dishonest. And by the way, the fact that it’s deceptive isn’t changed by the fact that these candidates supposedly don’t know which of their 4-5 submitted questions they’ll be asked. The format is a sham.
Regarding the date: Paul Walden, Jim Duffy and Al Angell weren’t consulted. Their first notice was a March 13, 2016 email announcing the date and format, which began: “As you are aware.” Well, since they hadn’t been contacted, they were obviously not “aware.” That’s factual, no “inference” required at all. But then, the email makes clear that someone was “aware.” So who was “aware?” Well, the only folks left are the incumbent candidates, and that makes it pretty darn clear that they were consulted.