Measure Fails to Unify Addison Zip Code

Measure Fails to Unify Addison Zip Code

The recent failure to accomplish a cohesive zip code is best viewed with an understanding of the related history.

Before 1997, no one had an Addison zip code. Homes & businesses had zip codes of Farmers Branch, or Carrollton, or Dallas. Addison had a post office (corner of Addison & Lindbergh, now a cigar shop) where people could buy stamps and send packages. There were no mail deliveries from there. Anything addressed to “Addison” would be returned to the sender.

City Manager Ron Whitehead, Corky Pledger (then President of the Addison Business Association), Larry McCallum, and Robert Mayer, Jr., worked for Addison to have its own zip code. They were aware of the cohesive effect such a zip code would have, in giving Addison its own identity as a town and place to locate businesses. Additionally, significant sales tax proceeds would go to the Town rather than elsewhere, and, those in Addison 75001 would have the benefit of direct Addison-provided emergency services. That is, 911 calls from those in Dallas zip code can be routed to nearby Dallas, Farmers Branch, or Carrollton emergency services.

Whitehead, Pledger, McCallum, & Mayer consulted (hired) a retired postmaster from Duncanville. They contacted former United States Postmaster General, Albert Vincent Casey. Mr. Casey, residing in Dallas and on SMU faculty, had formerly been CEO of American Airlines, retired, and subsequently been brought in (1986) to head the U.S. Postal Service. A former Harvard classmate of Mr. Mayer, Mr. Casey still travelled to Washington, D.C., once a month. He kindly agreed to speak with the current U.S. Postmaster General about the Addison zip code situation.

As a result of these efforts, the local Addison post office was permitted to have a local election on receiving one zip code for Addison. Extensive work – teamwork between Town Staff & the Addison Business Assoc. – went toward engaging residents & businesses in understanding the advantages of the switch to the new zip code.

In 1997 all but the residents on the east side of Addison, and the businesses in the South Quorum area, voted in favor of receiving the unifying Addison (75001) zip code. Those in the areas declining 75001, are required to request such services as stopping their mail while out of town, etc., by brining such concerns to the closest Dallas Post Office, most likely on Noel. The Addison Post Office, in 1997 (am not sure the exact dates on this) under construction on Airport Pkwy., was expanded to include facilities for mail delivery for the 75001 folks.

The vote for the zip code can be conducted at minimum every 10 years.

In 2007, Corky Pledger, Mark Brooks (then President of the Addison Business Association), and Robert Mayer, Jr., again worked to muster support among local businesses for the 75001 zip code. In 2011, Robert Mayer spoke with the newly elected Mayor (Todd Meier) at length about the background as well as the resources available for helping bring more awareness to the South Quorum businesses and those Addison residents still under the 75254 zip code. Four years later, Mr. Meier finally slated an election (2015) for the 75001 zip code. He appointed Councilwoman Janelle Moore to head the effort. Those who worked so diligently in prior years were not consulted. 

Meanwhile, mail will continue to be delivered to the Dallas zip code people by City of Dallas mail carriers. It may well be that this is how it will be from now on.