Would You Dig Through Garbage?

Would You Dig Through Garbage?
aylor Did! 

Talk about dedication to the job!  Addison’s new Sustainability Coordinator, Taylor Hollingshead, was determined that the composting effort during Fork and Cork would be a success. Restaurant booths were given specific instructions about the composing plans and asked to put only food wastes in designated, covered bins. The bins were to be dumped into a separate dumpster.

When the event closed Sunday evening, Taylor and her husband appeared to check on the results. The designated dumpster contained a small pile of meatballs and a few plastic bottles.

Not to be deterred, Taylor and her husband, joined by Special Events Coordinator Annemarie Martin, collected the designated bins and took them to the compost dumpster.

Dressed in a raincoat and boots, with trash bags tied around her hands as gloves, Taylor climbed into the dumpster and sorted trash from food waste as her husband dumped the bins. In her nomination for employee of the quarter, Anne Marie said, “Let me just say that the dumpsters smelled horrible.  Beyond horrible.  Like the worse smell imaginable. And one food vendor managed to fit a pig carcass into their composting bin!……Not wanting to report that one of her first projects was a failure, she did what most of us wouldn’t do to turn it into a success.  We’re lucky to have crazy people like Taylor in Addison and she deserves Employee of the Quarter.”